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Metamodello Aspic ARSA
Studenti e Futuro

About us

ASPIC LAVORO is an Association for Social Promotion dedicated to the design and implementation of training activities as well as of integrated and innovative vocational guidance, career planning and development consultancy.

In doing this we take into account the changes and transformations occurring in the fields of career, the labour market and employment.

It is a joint initiative with ASPIC and ASPIC ARSA (Ricerca Scientifica Applicata), the latter being the scientific and methodological point of reference.

Founded under the Scientific Direction of Edoardo Giusti (who is also President of ASPIC Lavoro and Honorary President of ASPIC ARSA), the project is in continuity with the traditional activities set by ASPIC since 1984 in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy, training and education, consultancy and services for individuals and organizations.

Our team is composed of professional consultants, trainers, ASPIC-ARSA associate researchers, who share a common training the pluralistic integrative model of ASPIC and diversified experience in several sectors: businesses, schools, agencies, the clinical field, including guidance and personal development.

We put our expertise, professionalism, reliability and creativity to the service of promoting work and improving employability. We do so by helping individuals and organizations in the enhancement and the development of the skills and talent needed today to work, create employment opportunities and effectively grasp the challenges of change.

A few of our distinguishing features are:

  • willingness to face challenges related to the complexity of the current employment world and a positive vision of the future;
  • openness to change, to a redefinition and continuous evolution of oneself;
  • flexibility in working in sectors and with counterparts with greatly diversified characteristics and needs;
  • adaptability of our methodology and tools for intervention in different contexts, phases, and priorities;
  • the ability to work in a group yet each maintaining one’s own autonomy and professional identity.

If you want to know more about us and our activities visit the section Consulting and Training, contact us us directly by email at or by phone: +39 347 9289119.

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AccreditamentoAspic Lavoro Aps - accreditata e registrata come Agenzia per il Lavoro nella sub-sez. 3.1 dell'Albo Informatico del
Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali dal 31/7/2015 - Cod. Fiscale: 97822820581

Iscrizione nel Registro Regionale del Terzo Settore - DIREZIONE SALUTE E POLITICHE SOCIALI DELLA REGIONE LAZIO (L.R. 22/1999) con Determinazione n. G07896 dell'11/07/2016.