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Metamodello Aspic ARSA
Studenti e Futuro

Mission and Values

Our Mission is to contribute to job security, to promote the employability of people and the empowerment of organizations by enhancing and developing their potential, talents and skills.

The "common denominator" of our initiatives is a focus on soft skills (transferable and interpersonal), being essential for maintaining employment and performance standards, both for individuals and employers.

We accomplish our mission by pursuing specific goals, including: 

  • promoting employability;
  • promoting autonomy and supporting the development of a personal career project, suitable to one’s own interests and aspirations;
  • enhancing the development of creativity, resilience as well as personal and collective vision and planning ability;
  • fostering talent and soft skills among individuals, groups, organizations;
  • enhancing skills required by the job market;
  • developing a culture of lifelong learning;

We pursue these goals by designing and implementing:

  • career orientation, coaching and development services;
  • integrated and innovative training activities

for individuals, companies, public and private institutions, individual businesses, professional firms, associations, communities, etc.

Our interventions are customized and "tailored-made" to give tangible answers to specific needs, provide tools to deal effectively with the challenges of the current job scenario and seize opportunities for transformation and change.

To achieve these goals, we provide support for defining objectives and the development of sustainable paths to reach them.

Our Values

We value and respect people's uniqueness and wholeness, considering them active agents of change.

We are confident in the potential for development and self-realization of each person and the groups they participate in. 

We consider competitiveness as the achievement motivation to pursue excellence and overcome obstacles, giving full expression to the totality of individual, group and company-system potential.

Our work is based on shared ethical values and principles and the commitment to social responsibility for the promotion of job security and social inclusion.

We affirm equal opportunities, seizing the richness that lies in diversity encompassing the whole human experience  - culture, gender, age, skills, personality, lifestyle and living conditions.

We recognize the importance of context in successful development, thus we are strongly committed to strengthening social support and professional networks at the individual, group, organizational and community level.



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