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Metamodello Aspic ARSA
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Work and Well-Being

ambiente levità quadrifoglioPsychological well-being and work

ASPIC LAVORO is actively engaged in promoting psychological well-being, healthy lifestyle habits, and positive work environments.

All these aspects create a fertile ground where talent, skills and personal qualities can sprout, blossom and be fully expressed.

Thanks to the expertise of licensed psychologists we aim to contribute to:

  • preventing and reducing stress and psychosocial risks;
  • developing resilience and coping skills;
  • promote behaviors that improve well-being;
  • improve the quality of life at the workplace and off-work.

Attention to one’s well-being and health is an essential element, both for individuals and organizations; it fosters greater motivation, equilibrium, efficiency and job satisfaction, with positive effects on the quality of life as a whole.

What we offer

  • Stress management: prevention and reduction
  • Assessment of work-related stress and psychosocial risks
  • Seminars and programs for the prevention of unhealthy behaviors
  • Promotion of  well-being and pro-health habits
  • Quality of life and work-life balance
  • Training, information and awareness raising
  • Organizational climate and engagement consultancy
  • Diversity management and inclusion
  • Parenting and career development
  • Staff counselling

Special agreements with companies and organizations for services to employees and their families.

Activities are tailored made and may be implemented inhouse or externally.

For further information and inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Email: , phone 347 9289119


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